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Will Janice Triumph and Acquire the Funds or Will the Authorities Prevail? Know the Details

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The battle between families is always stronger. As we all know that the software development pioneer Mr. John McAfee was dead here comes out the news of his family members fighting for the left out resources by him.

Mr. John McAfee is a well-known Tech guru in the world. He breathed last in the prison on Wednesday in Barcelona. He was jailed due to the reasons of colossal taxes that were left to be paid. After his death, the number of details and everything became a huge mystery as well. In recent updates, the US authorities accused him of somehow concealing his true wealth. As he was a smart person he played it quite fair he died but left his 38-year-old wife Janice to face all the troubles.

The Tech developer met Janice in the year 2012 after going away from his villa. He left his place because he was suspected of shooting his close people. After he was found hanged the widow had a talk with the journalist and collected all his materials.

The widow in remorse of her husband’s death claimed that he was not killed by himself, he was blamed by the US to hang or maybe some tax evasion charges may force him. Reports claimed that he had many children and grandchildren as well. After his death, some reports of last year said in an interview he said that he had 47 kids and 61 grandchildren. With that statement, he also added that he had 19 grandchildren as well. As he mentioned all these reports said very small things are been known so far about the child and the grandchildren.

As now the head is dead reports claimed all these people will come in search of inheritance. The Pioneer once claimed that after his success he had a net worth of 72 billion. Later he claimed that in 2007 he had only 2.8 billion with him. The lack of money happened to him due to the great recession at that time period.

Facing an initial loss he claws back his way and then spends the whole money on drugs and guns. His social media handles are the biggest proof of his lifestyle. Reports claimed that he again became super-rich after completing all his taxes. Last October the Justice Department claimed that he had income in the millions from the cryptocurrencies and some consulting work as well.

Till after this he fled away and got caught at Barcelona Airport. Before his death, the department said that for what he had done he could be sentenced to jail for more than 30 years. The puzzle of the US taxman will not be solved as the details of the kids are still not found.

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