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Will Mickey and Ian’s Journey End After ‘shameless’ Season 7, Episode 11?

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Prakriti Adak
Prakriti Adak
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Shameless” enthusiasts were ecstatic when Mickey — who had been in prison, chipping gone at an eight-year verdict — returned to the Commencement of innovative sequences in Season 7, episode 11. While it appeared as though he and Ian were going to pick up right where they left off, things took an unanticipated turn for the couple in the greatest recent episode.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Noel Fisher — who has amused Mickey on “Shameless” since his Season 2 primer — opened up about his forthcoming on the show as well as how he would have written the story.

While this wasn’t how Fisher saw Mickey and Ian’s (Cameron Monaghan) relationship singing out, he remains hopeful for his future on the show. He expressed to THR that the stooped-ended left open-ended, making it conceivable for Mickey to return to the demonstration should it make sense for him and Ian down the road. When that may occur is unclear, but Fisher said he was in it for the extensive haul.

“It’s left in a way that doesn’t unavoidably have to be the end. Who knows what the future holds,” he said. “one of the motives I was excited to come back and do these episodes: since I think that this is a storyline that culminates in a far more profound way than we’ve gotten to see in footings of the types of goodbyes they’ve had…

It’s their whole relationship kind of munched into an episode. There are a lot of There are chaotic moments. There are a lot of moving, loving moments. There’s proof, love, passion, fun, and sadness.”

Have we seen the previous of Mickey (Noel Fisher) and Ian (Cameron Monaghan) together on “Shameless” Season 7? Photo: Showtime

 ‘Shameless’ Season 7, Episode 11?
‘Shameless’ Season 7, Episode 11?

Additionally, Fisher expressed to THR that they could never have predicted that Mickey and Ian’s relationship would end, whether it’s persistently or just for no,w, the way it did in Season 7, episode 11 of “Shameless.”

He alleged that fans would be left in a state of shock as well, saying this is what the demonstration does — “It doesn’t spring you what you expect.” All the like, Fisher called Mickey and Ian’s romance attractive, adding that he didn’t think Mickey would have any qualms about the way things happened.

“In the end act, the dear there and the care there is so noticeable and so commanding and so palpable that, disdain even thoughts on rather of a miserable note, there’s a lot of beauty there,” Fisher said. “Neither of these prints would be who they are without one extra. Mickey doesn’t have any caring or doubts when it comes to who he is or how he’s loved or the time that he’s been intelligent to have spent with Ian. He wouldn’t take it backbone for anything.”

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