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Woman Passenger comes into the limelight after visiting Airport in Olive Green Bikini and Mask.

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After the incident the woman passenger came into the lime light as well. From the footage’s and other video sources it had been captured that a woman walking through the US airport was only wearing a bikini and a face musk.

The image got immediately viral and was posted to an account named Humans of Spirit Airlines. In the post it was seen that the blonde passenger was going through the US airport. In the post the colour of the bikini was also visible and it was Olive green in colour with a back pack.

Someone claimed that may be there was a pool party at the noon time and she also need to catch the flight at 4. PM. The same went viral and got posted in the Instagram Account as well.

In the Instagram Post comments filled up written That “At least she was wearing a mask.” The Instagram Post got a view of more than 8000 peoples.

In the recent updates from US Federal Aviation Administration it was officially confirmed any body above the age group of 2 will have to wear mask. The FAA rule also said if a person was found guilty then he or she can be finned at any place. The fine starts $250 and ends on $1500.

Though some reports claim that it is not clear about which flight she was trying to take but US airline has become a point of fun as well. Spirit flights faced many kinds of fun comments as well regarding these matter.

The US principles said that a guest with in proper clothing will not be allowed to board on the flight. These ob sense will be looked into as because the last summer had bought a change in Spirit airlines concept.

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