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After Two Years and 300 Hours of Hard-fought Battles, I Finally Prevailed in Sekiro! Read Here to Discover All the Secrets

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Prakriti Adak
Prakriti Adak
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One of the first welcoming NPCs that players will encounter in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is Hanbei the Unending. Though he’s introduced to troupes as a bristly ally, Hanbei has a stimulating place in the overall story of Sekiro and displays the ennui associated with immortality.

Hanbei originally challenges Wolf to a fight but is posted with ease. He then surprises the player by drawing himself back up, despite intake a vicious deathblow. His questline in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is in the end a short and simple one; he requires Wolf to be more permanent fashion.

Hanbei is a single NPC and character in the story. While it’s exposed that there are many ways to gain immortality, Hanbei is fundamentally the only one outside Wolf and Kuro who is not wicked.

He also serves as rather of a test dummy that allows the player to test available Wolf’s new abilities, prosthetic tools, and transfers, which makes it quickly apparent that murdering him isn’t going to be easy. Here’s how troupes can kill Hanbei the Undying besides what they get out of it.

Kill Hanbei the Undying through the Mortal Blade

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Troupes container kill Hanbei the Never-ending by by the Mortal Blade on him. If Wolf meetings with him after acquiring the Mortal Blade, he resolves to ask Wolf to kill him. The player ultimately gets to agree on whether to do so, but Hanbei essentially begs for it.

The Mortal Blade is compulsory to get any of Sekiro’s endings, coming about the halfway point of the game. The item is learned in the Inner Sanctum of the Senpou Temple after the Divine Child of Rejuvenation. The item permits Wolf to kill immortals, particularly those like the Guardian Ape who gain their control from centipede demons.

After receipt of the Mortal Blade, talk to Hanbei and he will debate Wolf killing him. If Wolf agrees to end his life, Hanbei’s resolve says that he will mentally prepare himself for his death. Respite at an idol and Hanbei will then invite Wolf to kill him.

Hanbei beads the Hidden Tooth item after he is killed. This is a fast item that instantly kills Wolf. That might be comprehensively bad, but it is useful in very precise situations.

Using the Hidden Tooth or Bite Down matters kills Wolf instantly but permits him to resurrect without locking renaissance nodes. This can allow players in a tight boss fight to get an extra resurrection without a Bundled Jizo.

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