Are Avril Lavigne and Mod Sun Still an Item Amid Tyga Gossip? Get the Latest on Their Relationship Status!

Are matters complicated? ​Avril Lavigne and fiancé Mod Sun have named off their engagement, Life, and Style can prove. Fans questioned if the rockers were still in sync after Avril was spotted hugging rapper Tyga on the road of Nobu in Los Angeles on February 19, 2023. Keep sense to find out if Avril and Mod are still together in the middle of Tyga romance rumors.

Are Avril Lavigne as well as Mod Sun Still Together?

A source close to the couple told Life & Style on February 21, 2023, that Mod along with Avril was “on and off as a couple for the over two months” and are “no longer a pair.”

“There was no third group involved in the split,” the insider revealed.

Mod, who is more than active on social media, last introduced the “Sk8er Boy” singer on Instagram in December 2022, while posting a video of them ice skating.

“Happy Holidays as of a Minnesota Boi + a Canadian Gurl. We both grew up singing hockey so we schooled everyone on the rink tonight. Ha,” the “Rich Kids Ruin Everything” artist made at the time.

When Did Avril Lavigne as well as Mod Sun Get Engaged?

Amid Tyga

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Mod planned to be the “Girlfriend” musician on March 27, 2022, on a romantic getaway in Paris. The “Flames” vocalist dropped the big question after one year of dating together with an eye-catching heart-shaped shape ring.

He shared the big news broadcast with his online fans via Instagram, which contained a handful of photos from the scheme right in front of the Eiffel Tower and a violin player to set the mood.

“I had and desire where I proposed in Paris. I pulled out a ring + asked you to dress it. I was on one knee as I saw in your eyes,” Mod gushed at the time. “You’re too lovely for my words to describe. I snatched your hand and took one last breath … I said, ‘Want you to marry me?’ + she stated ‘yes, I love you, Avril.”

Mod wasn’t the only few who were overly impressed with the plan as Avril deemed the special moment as “perfect” in an April 2022 interview with Individuals.

“We were in Paris on a yacht in the Seine River. We had a violin actor, champagne and roses. It felt like time stayed still, and it was just the two of us in the second,” she recalled.

Are Avril Lavigne and Tyga Dating?

Avril and Tyga were snapped hugging after having a dinner date at NOBU in February 2023, according to pictures obtained by TMZ. Although they hugged each other in public as if they were going their ways, Avril hopped in the “Rack City” rapper’s passenger base of his car.

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