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“Eddie Munson’s Fashion Sense Sparks Questions: Does It Reveal His Sexual Orientation?” Know The Details

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Prakriti Adak
Prakriti Adak
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Since Netflix out ‘Stranger ThingThings016, the mystery/horror sequences have become a fan favorite. In the years besides seasons that have followed, many queries have trailed the series’ storyline and its typescripts. One of those questions surroundings Eddie Munson’s sex on the show.

Eddie Munson is an appeal revealed in the fourth season of Stranger Things. The character is represented as an eccentric high schooler who dears music and regularly sells drugs to supplementary students. More importantly, he is the frontrunner of the Hellfire Club, a group of Hawkins High pupils who play Dungeons besides Dragons.

Eddie is familiarized with Hawkins’s supernatural and spooky adjacent when he witnesses the gory death of Chrissy Cunningham. Yet, because Eddie is the last person to see Chrissy on the night of her passing, the town immediately accused him to be the killer and launches a search for him. Significant that Eddie is not the killer, the series’ main character gets in a bit with Eddie to save him from the intense town.

Chrissy Cunningham besides Eddie Munson

While Eddie’s character has largely received mixed reactions from fans of the display, many are enquiring about Eddie Munson’s sexuality.

While Stranger Things organizes not establish Eddie Munson’s sex, the character’s costume choice seems to advise that he might be queer.

Like a steady high schooler into Rock and Roll, Eddie dresses in dark-colored clothes, ripped jeans, and brain rings. However, what draws consideration is his black handkerchief. On the show, Eddie Munson’s handkerchief is a chief in his outfit. He uses the handkerchief to decorate by regularly flagging it in one of his pockets. This sequence has led to suspicions that the covering style replicates the Hanky Code.

Eddie Munson
Eddie Munson

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The Hanky Code is likewise called flagging. It is a color-coded communiqué system adopted by queer men from the 1960s to the 1980s. It often involved the introduction of a bandana or handkerchief in either pocket to carry a message. When the Hanky Code gained popularity, the message was limited to a few handkerchief or bandana colors. Red represented fisting, dark blue signified anal sex, light blue was used to signal oral sex, and grey was for slavery.

However, in the years that trailed, the Hanky Code was expanded to extra colors. It included a much more composite chart of over fifty handkerchief colors. For the case, Fushia handkerchiefs represented excellently, coral represented toe sucking, and beige signified rimming.

Eddie Munson is not the initial queer character on the Stranger Things display. The show’s first queer character is Robin Buckley, amuse yourself by Maya Hawke. Robin is Steve’s close friend on the display, and they seem to be love interests at the commencement of Season Three. But, all expectations go downhill when Robin discloses her sexuality to Steve in a shopping center toilet.

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