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Help Us Combat the Plague and Its Devastating Effects, Inspired by Star Trek’s Founder Diseases!

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Prakriti Adak
Prakriti Adak
Prakriti, she an MBBS student, and she loves to write about k- pop, dramas, and global issues! She considers the writing as a sword! Last but not least she's kinda mixed with Lil medicine! She believes names have been and will be passed down to this world through time. Just obvious that in the practice of writing changes are Inhabitable.!

Within the Star Trek universe, there is a wide array of nasty diseases, each of which affects their crowds in different ways. From stunted life expectancy, t the verbatim rotting of living flesh, the writers are not frightened to push the envelope with different ways to bring different values to their knees.

The majority of these elements are occurring. Others are accidentally created, the outcome of a laboratory failure or an experiment gone wrong. Founder’s sickness, however, is something completely different. What exactly is this dismaying illness?

While sharing many of the characteristics of the alien-specific disease, the origins of Founder’s Disease lie in a far more nefarious, morally ambiguous realm. The disease ct man-made, created by Section 31 (Starfleet’s not-so-legal specious division that operates in the shadows to stop the Dominion war before the Founders irradiated all who stood in their way.

The Founders, or the ‘Changelings,’ were threatening to invade Earth, systematically wiping out starship after starship. Starfleet sought to uncover as much information as possible to help stop them.

Odo, the DS9 head of safety, was a changeling himself (though he has not been aware of this for a long time). Starfleet intreated a throughout exthe amination to understand his biology, and how his class worked. It was, on the surface, a fairly acquitted examination to aid the Federation’s chances throughout the war. However, unknown to almost all, there was an evil plan at play.

Founder's Diseases
Founder’s Diseases

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During the examination, Section 31 covertly infected Odo with their morphogenic disease. The hope was that if he were ever to homecoming to the Great Link, the gigantic space slick hive mind where the Founders resided when they were in hard form, he would banquet the disease to them all.

This all happened a short while advanced when he was forced to return to the Great relation for a short time, facing trial for his killing of another changeling. He never really had the disease; rather, he carried it within him, ready to infect the others all while not being la-di-da himself.

Inopportunely, this all went awry later on. Due to an alteration in his ‘morphogenic matrix’ (the cellular/ quantum assembly of a Changeling, the thing that supposed them to change form). Odo ended up sorrowful from the full-on, unfiltered disease. The disease took a long time to show any signs, and for a while, everything carried on as typical for the Founders and their Dominion War.

They are constantly to overpower the Federation, killing billions of people along the way, until ciphers of the infection started to demonstrate.

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