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Realme Confirms Merger With Coca-Cola For The Upcoming Smartphone In India; Know The Truth

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In recent years, the world is changing at the highest orders. The giant of the food and beverages industry Coca-Cola had now found it simple to slap their band on the version of Android phones. KFC became the first company to bring on the changes way back in 2017. KFC did it on a special branded Huawei phone.

Before that Pepsi also did it with an unforgettable smartphone. The Smartphone introduced was of their own named Pepsi P1. Though that device was never a bad one. As this was all about the past histories one of their closest rival came out in the same suit. Coco-Cola came out in collaboration with Realme.

Realme is a Chinese phone maker and the officials had just posted a great ad teaser which is displaying the Coca-Cola Theme phone. The official news came after a few days of leaks that it’s a Coca-Cola-branded phone. The officials displayed it on their web page. The Twitter post gave us a clear view of the idea.

The phone had a red color slab with red bubbles present in it showing the Coca-Cola color Schema. Sharma the officials claimed that the phone will be available in India in the first quarter of the year. In the updates, it was not clear whether it was a rebranded phone or not.

Though rumors are updated that the upcoming model will be a rebranding of Realme 10pro. As per the explanation, the change makes sense as it was a rehashed version. The recent update of Realme had a great sheet with a 695 chipset. There is a 108 Mp main camera. In that set 6.72 ips. There is a refresh rate on the LCD screen of 120Hz refresh rate.

If the models of the cola phone follow the trend then these phones will not be for most people in North America. Though the outlook can be still the very best as this is a new branded style.

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