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Struggling With a Blurry Iphone Camera? This Troubleshooting Guide Will Help You Easily Resolve the Issue.

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Camera matters in mobile devices can be attributed to software issues or hardware damage. There are also some suitcases where the problem is tied to the custom of third-party or non-OEM accessories like cases and screen protectors.

Before rushing to a service center, it is suggested to try performing all applicable workarounds to rule out software-related factors that might have instigated the same symptom. Tackled in this post is a similar issue on the iPhone camera that’s blurred. Read on to learn what options to try on when troubleshooting the tricky on your end.

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Troubleshooting iPhone camera that is blurrefore 

you begin troubleshooting, remove somewhat non-Apple casing or screen protectors from your iPhone. About these accessories don’t fit with your maneuver and so there’s a chance that they can block the camera lens.

As an output, the photos or videos taken by the camera appear blurry or not as vivacious as they should be. Although you have to consider that the superiority of photos and videos varies depending on the camera specs of the phone. Also, guarantee that the camera lenses are free from dust and dirt. Otherwise, clean the lens with some fiber cloth.


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If removing third-party accedoesn’tes or scrubbing the camera lens doesn’t give positive outcomes, then you can ensure with these subsequent procedures to remove software-related factors that might have caused your iPhone photographic camera photos/videos to be blurry.

The following actions only work if the problem is attributed to software errors. To save time and effort from carrying out unnecessary troubleshooting, try to recollect if there were some previous instances when you let fall your iPhone or got it wet by accident. If there was, then what your iPhone wants is service.

What you’re sighted could be just a random glitch with the camera app. If the whole thing was working as intended or the excellence of the pictures and videos taken by your iPhone camera was just as probable until now, then it may be just among other negligible app flaws that can be corrected by closing and re-opening the pretentious application. Thus, you can consider this as the first possible solution to try on.

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