“Unveiling the Mysteries of Ravenswatch: First Trailer for Cel Shaded Roguelike Game Now Live”, Know the Details

The creator of the upcoming cel-shaded roguelike Ravenswatch releases an early access announcement trailer.

An announcement trailer for the upcoming cel-shaded roguelike Ravenswatch has been released by the French video game publisher Nacon. Passtech, best known for the roguelike Curse of the Dead Gods, is developing the game, which has been compared to Hades by fans and critics.

Nacon has a diverse publishing history, but the dispute with Ukrainian studio Frogwares in 2021 over the alleged piracy and distribution of The Sinking City that made the game unavailable to some players for a considerable amount of time is probably the most well-known incident for Nacon.

Nacon usually focuses on AAA games like Steelrising, which Spiders made. Prior to that, Focus Entertainment was the sole publisher of Spiders games; the studio that had released the previous game by Passtech, Curse of the Dead Gods.

The gameplay and artwork in Nacon’s Ravenswatch early access trailer may be familiar to fans of Curse of the Dead Gods. Ravenswatch aims to incorporate a folkloric and fairytale twist, whereas Curse of the Dead Gods had players explore dungeons with a Lovecraftian theme of curses and horror.

The playable characters from the movie, such as Red Riding Hood, the Pied Piper, Beowulf, and the Snow Queen, all appear to have a variety of play styles. Early access will begin on April 6 according to the trailer.

The trailer also hints at additional gameplay at the upcoming Nacom Connect event on March 9 for fans who can’t wait that long. Gollum and RoboCop’s development will also be shown in greater detail on Nacom Connect.

The Chronicles of Narnia: Gollum has a long track record of delaying; When Nacon bought Daedlic, the game was moved to 2022, instead of the 2021 release date originally announced by Daedalic Entertainment in March 2019. On July 25, 2022, the developers made the announcement of a further delay of “a few months.”

Months later, Nacon made the announcement that Gollum would now be released in the spring or summer of the following year, rather than the 2022 release date that was originally planned. It goes without saying that Gollum’s fans are eagerly awaiting any announcement regarding its release.

Gollum is quite a departure in style for the studio, which is probably the reason for most of the delays. Daedlic Entertainment’s previous games have mostly been point-and-click adventures or narrative-focused experiences like State of Mind and Silence.

With Curse of the Dead Gods, Passtech has already demonstrated its proficiency in the roguelike genre, so Ravenswatch should go off without a hitch. Standing out from the crowd of great roguelikes, including Hades 2, which is anticipated to release in a similar time frame, maybe Passtech’s biggest challenge.

On April 6, Ravenswatch will be available for early access on Steam.

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