An Unprecedented Adventure: Take a Trip Back in Time With Pokemon Go: Total Pokedex (Walk 2023)!

In Pokemon GO, the number that indicates a “complete” Pokedex can be difficult to understand.

New Pokemon are added to Pokemon GO constantly. It can be challenging to determine the total number of Pokemon in the Pokedex, let alone complete it, due to the frequent addition of new Pokemon, regions, encounters with time restrictions, and other features.

Due to a number of factors, the number that represents a complete Pokedex is not always achievable: How long have you been playing? Where do you currently reside? Do you manage to finish the stories for Special Research?

Let’s look at how many Pokemon are in Pokemon GO, which ones might be missing from different players’ Pokedexes, and everything else that has to do with the enormous task of catching all of them in Pokemon GO.

A Comprehensive Pokedex Including Regionals, Legendaries, Mythicals, and Pokemon That Are Currently Unobtainable

Anyone who has acquired every regional (via traveling, trading, or any other method), every Mythical Pokemon, every Legendary, and every Pokemon that is restricted by events, quests, seasons, or anything else will have 786 Pokemon listed as “caught” in their Pokedex.

Regidrago #895 was released on March 11, Bruxish #779 was released on March 8, Hawlucha #701 was released on March 1, and Gimmighoul #999 and Gholdengo #1,000 were released on February 27. Regieleki #894 of the Pokemon series will be released on April 9.

There were a total of 905 Pokemon in the main series’ National Pokedex, beginning with Bulbasaur in Generation I and ending with Enamorus in Generation VIII. That number appears to now be 1,010 with the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet as well as the announcement of two new Pokemon and DLC, Walking Wake and Iron Leaves. This number will slightly rise as the DLC includes even more Pokemon for the Gen IX games.

Which Generational Pokemon Are Not Included in Pokemon GO?

The columns on the right specifically highlight which Pokemon from those generations are not yet available, providing a breakdown of the Pokemon that are available by generation in this table. Note: you might have to scroll left and right to see the full table, particularly on versatile.

Region/GenerationAvailableNot Released
Kanto (Gen I)151/151None
Johto (Gen II)100/100None
Hoenn (Gen III)135/135None
Sinnoh (Gen IV)104/107
    • #489 – Phione
    • #490 – Manaphy
    • #493 – Arceus



Unova (Gen V)154/156
    • #636 – Larvesta
    • #637 – Volcarona



Kalos (Gen VI)63/72
    • #672 – Skiddo
    • #673 – Gogoat
    • #679 – Honedge
    • #680 – Doublade
    • #681 – Aegislash
    • #703 – Carbink
    • #718 – Zygarde
    • #719 – Diancie
    • #721 – Volcanion



Alola (Gen VII)58/86
    • #742 – Cutiefly
    • #743 – Ribombee
    • #746 – Wishiwashi
    • #749 – Mudbray
    • #750 – Mudsdale



    • #761 – Bounsweet
    • #762 – Steenee
    • #763 – Tsareena
    • #766 – Passimian
    • #769 – Sandygast
    • #770 – Palossand
    • #771 – Pyukumuku
    • #772 – Type: Null
    • #773 – Silvally
    • #774 – Minior
    • #775 – Komala



    • #776 – Turtonator
    • #778 – Mimikyu
    • #780 – Drampa
    • #781 – Dhelmise



    • #800 – Necrozma
    • #801 – Magearna
    • #802 – Marshadow
    • #803 – Poipole
    • #804 – Naganadel
    • #805 – Stakataka
    • #806 – Blacephalon
    • #807 – Zeraora



Unknown (Meltan and Melmetal)2/2None
Galar (Gen VIII)14/89
    • #810 – Grookey
    • #811 – Thwackey
    • #812 – Rillaboom
    • #813 – Scorbunny
    • #814 – Raboot
    • #815 – Cinderace
    • #816 – Sobble
    • #817 – Drizzile
    • #818 – Inteleon
    • #821 – Rookidee



    • #821 – Rookidee
    • #822 – Corvisquire
    • #823 – Corviknight
    • #824 – Blipbug
    • #825 – Dottler
    • #826 – Orbeetle
    • #827 – Nickit
    • #828 – Thievul
    • #829 – Gossifleur
    • #830 – Eldegoss



    • #833 – Chewtle
    • #834 – Drednaw
    • #835 – Yamper
    • #836 – Boltund
    • #837 – Rolycoly
    • #838 – Carkol
    • #839 – Coalossal
    • #840 – Applin
    • #841 – Flapple
    • #842 – Appletun



    • #843 – Silicobra
    • #844 – Sandaconda
    • #845 – Cramorant
    • #846 – Arrokuda
    • #847 – Barraskewda
    • #848 – Toxel
    • #849 – Toxtricity
    • #850 – Sizzlipede
    • #851 – Centiskorch
    • #852 – Clobbopus



    • #853 – Grapploct
    • #854 – Sinistea
    • #855 – Polteageist
    • #856 – Hatenna
    • #857 – Hattrem
    • #858 – Hatterene
    • #859 – Impidimp
    • #860 – Morgrem
    • #861 – Grimmsnarl
    • #864 – Cursola
    • #868 – Milcery



    • #869 – Alcremie
    • #871 – Pincurchin
    • #872 – Snom
    • #873 – Frosmoth
    • #874 – Stonjourner
    • #875 – Eiscue
    • #876 – Indeedee
    • #877 – Morpeko
    • #878 – Cufant
    • #879 – Copperajah



    • #880 – Dracozolt
    • #881 – Arctozolt
    • #882 – Dracovish
    • #883 – Arctovish
    • #884 – Duraludon
    • #885 – Dreepy
    • #886 – Drakloak
    • #887 – Dragapult
    • #890 – Eternatus
    • #891 – Kubfu



    • #892 – Urshifu
    • #894 – Regieleki
    • #896 – Glastrier
    • #897 – Spectrier
    • #898 – Calyrex



    • #899 – Wyrdeer
    • #900 – Kleavor
    • #902 – Basculegion
    • #905 – Enamorus



Paldea (Gen IX)2/105We won’t list them all here, since only two are available: #999 – Gimmighoul #1,000 – Gholdengo

Which Pokemon Might Be Missing?

If your Pokedex has a lower number than that total, you might be wondering which Pokemon you’re missing. There may be standard Pokemon that you have not yet acquired, such as challenging evolutions or uncommon spawns. On the other hand, there are a few subcategories of Pokemon that are fairly challenging to acquire—if not outright impossible—through everyday means.

Let’s take a look at a few Pokemon that most people don’t have.

How many regions does Pokemon GO have?

The region-lock mechanic is the most obvious explanation for gaps in the Pokedex of the average player. Numerous Pokemon will only appear in particular regions of the world. These are called territorial Pokemon and they must be acquired in these ways:

Travel to the location and hope one spawns. Trade with another player. Participate in special events where regional Pokemon spawn outside of their zones. Wait for the regional Pokemon to move.

There were only four regional Pokemon in the beginning: Farfetch’d, Mr. Mime, Tauros, and Kangaskhan However, many more have been added over time. Check out our list, which includes maps and everything else, for a comprehensive breakdown of them all and where to find them:

How many you can access will differ based on where you live in the world. For instance, individuals in Toronto can access Tauros but not Bouffalant, whereas those in New York City ought to have access to both. Sadly, some locations are extremely fortunate to have access to multiple regionals while others have far fewer.

There are a total of 36 “true” regional Pokemon that can spawn in the wild or in Raids, as well as three evolutions (Simisage, Simisear, and Simipour), which means that there are 39 “true” regional Pokemon that might not be in your Pokedex.

“True regionals” are Pokemon that are completely unique to a single region, regardless of their forms. Shellos, Gastrodon, and Furfrou’s trims are two examples of form variations that are unique to particular parts of the world. Shellos is a Pokemon that can be found everywhere, but only in its blue East Sea form in the Eastern and pink West Sea forms in the Western Hemispheres.

Because these forms do not count as separate entries in the Pokedex, you will not have a gap in your Pokedex if you catch blue Shellos in addition to pink Shellos. In conclusion, Shellos is available to everyone and will not be a “true” regional gap in a Pokedex like Klefki or Comfey, which only spawn in France and Hawai’i, respectively.

These are a few general descriptions of where “true” regional Pokemon can be found; for more specific location boundaries, see our list above:

#115 – Kangaskhan (Australia) #122 – Mr. Mime (Europe) #439 – Mime Jr. (Europe) #128 – Tauros (Canada and the U.S.A.) #214 – Heracross (Central America, South America, and Mexico) #222 – Corsola (tropical coastlines) #324 – Torkoal (West, Central, and South Asia) #357 – Tropius (Africa and the Middle East) #369

Exclusive Pokemon

There are also a few Pokemon that can only be obtained at specific times, after completing a quest, or through other means; some of these Pokemon are not always accessible. Events, Raids, Eggs, Special Research rewards, Field Research rewards, and the GO Battle League are all examples of this. The list of Pokemon that may not be in your Pokedex due to special requirements will be broken down in this section.

A few points: These are the fundamental requirements, which may fluctuate from time to time. Shinx, for instance, is typically encountered only in Raids, but it did receive a Community Day. At the time of writing, the requirements for finding these Pokemon in a vacuum without any temporary factors are shown in this table. In addition, we make every effort to keep this list as comprehensive and up-to-date as possible; however, Niantic constantly alters the availability of Pokemon and introduces new’mons to the game. We try our best, but please remember this!

#PokemonEncounter Requirements
265SmeargleTake snapshots until it photobombs (once per day)
352KecleonEncounter an “invisible obstacle” at a PokeStop and tap on it repeatedly
570ZoruaZorua shows up on the map as the player’s Buddy Pokemon
290Nincada (and evolution, #291 – Ninjask)Field Research
291ShedinjaSpecial Research
327SpindaField Research (form changes each month)
359AbsolRaids, 12km Eggs
403Shinx (plus evolutions, #404 – Luxio and #405 – Luxray)
599Klink (plus evolutions, #600 – Klang and #601 – Klinklang)
532Timburr (plus evolutions, #533 – Gurdurr and #534 – Conkeldurr)
677Espurr (plus evolution, #678 – Meowstic)Raids, Eggs
744Rockruff (plus evolution, #745 – Lycanroc)
420Cherubi (evolution, #421 – Cherrim, spawns in the wild in its Sunshine form)Mossy Lure Module
442SpiritombSpecial Research
559Scraggy (plus evolution, #560 – Scrafty)GO Battle League, 12km Eggs
619Mienfoo (plus evolution, #620 – Mienshao)GO Battle League, Eggs
627Rufflet (plus evolution, #628 – Braviary)
999Gimmighoul (plus evolution, #1,000 – Gholdengo)Send a postcard to Scarlet or Violet and use the Coin Bag to spawn them
551Sandile (plus evolutions, #552 – Krokorok and #553 – Krookodile)12km Eggs
624Pawniard (plus evolution, #625 – Bisharp)
629Vullaby (plus evolution, #630 – Braviary)
674Pancham (plus evolution, #675 – Pangoro)
757Salandit (plus evolution, #758 – Salazzle)


Baby Pokemon are unique in that they can only be hatched from Eggs; however, many of their evolutions can be caught outside. With the exception of Cherubi, the Pokemon in the table above are restricted to the methods of encounter that are listed for them and must be evolved to gain their evolution. In Pokemon GO, all of the Baby Pokemon, which can only be hatched and not caught, are listed below:

#Baby PokemonEvolution(s)
172PichuPikachu and Raichu
173CleffaClefairy and Clefable
174IgglybuffJigglypuff and Wigglytuff
175TogepiTogetic and Togekiss
236TyrogueHitmonchan, Hitmonlee, or Hitmontop
239ElekidElectabuzz and Electivire
240MagbyMagmar and Magmortar
298AzurillMarill and Azumarill
406BudewRoselia and Roserade
439Mime Jr. (regional)Mr. Mime (regional)
440HappinyChansey and Blissey


Although there are some exceptions to this rule, Legendary Pokemon are almost always restricted to Raid battles, whereas Mythical Pokemon are typically encountered through Special Research stories.

The accompanying Amazing Pokemon are accessible in the game, and can (normally) just be tracked down in Assaults. As a reward, players can meet the current Tier 5 Raid Boss at high ranks in the GO Battle League.

145Zapdos*381Latios488Cresselia785Tapu Koko
146Moltres*382Kyogre638Cobalion786Tapu Lele
150Mewtwo383Groudon639Terrakion787Tapu Bulu
243Raikou384Rayquaza640Virizion788Tapu Fini


*Using a Daily Incense, you can catch the Legendary Birds in their Galarian forms.

**The Lake Guardians also spawn in the wild, but they only appear in Raids.

*Mythical Pokemon are either encountered in Raids or in Special Research stories. The player has unlimited time to complete the Special Research story if they acquire it. However, some are only distributed at specific times and cannot be accessed if missed, though it is likely that they will eventually be repeated.

#PokemonEncounter Requirement
151MewSpecial Research
251CelebiSpecial Research
385JirachiSpecial Research
492ShayminSpecial Research
494VictiniSpecial Research
647KeldeoPaid Special Research
648MeloettaSpecial Research
720HoopaSpecial Research (not currently available)
893ZarudeSpecial Research (not currently available)
808MeltanSpecial Research, Mystery Box*
809MelmetalEvolve from Meltan


*Transferring a Pokemon from Pokemon GO to Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu or Let’s Go Eevee will activate the Mystery Box. Meltan will then appear for a half-hour.

Finally, Pokemon GO has introduced a few Ultra Beasts.

So far, only seven have been made public:


#795 Pheromosa

#794 Buzzwole

#796 Xurkitree

#797 Celesteela

#798 Kartana

# 799 Guzzlord

Tips for the Conclusion and End

If your Pokedex is as complete as it can be at this point, 786 Pokemon will have been caught. Formal differences, gender differences, shinies, and other similar characteristics are not included in this number. A Pokemon only has one Pokedex slot, and its various variations and forms are not listed separately.

Don’t worry if some of the Pokemon on this page are missing from your Pokedex because they are more difficult to find; these Pokemon are frequently made more accessible by game updates and other events. For instance: Gible was once very extreme to find, however at that point got a Local area Day and a few different produce helps during different occasions.
The following are some of the best methods for finding Pokemon, which are typically difficult to locate:

Events: This is without a doubt the most effective method for spotting rare Pokemon. During the weekly events in Pokemon GO, look for the spawn pools to see who might be easier to find.

Sync Adventure: You will receive special Eggs that contain different Pokemon from the regular Egg pool if you walk at least 25 or 50 kilometers per week.

Rocket from Battle Team GO: In addition, if you defeat the Team GO Rocket Leaders Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra, you can receive Strange Eggs containing exclusive Pokemon Field Research tasks, which you can use to catch one of their Pokemon (typically the first, but not always).

Grunts can sometimes have Pokemon that you don’t often see in the wild. Earning seven daily stamps for completing Field Research tasks will grant you access to the monthly Research Breakthrough Pokemon, which can be found in a variety of Pokemon, including exclusives like Spinda. These change each month and could be a Pokemon that you do not yet own.

Groups for the Community: Local community organizations abound in every major and minor city in the world. Finding other Trainers who can assist with Raids, trading Pokemon from other regions, and other activities can often be accomplished through these groups. Discord, Facebook, and WhatsApp are the most common places to find these groups, but there are other places as well.

Start your own Pokemon GO group if there isn’t one in your neighborhood. With nearly 80 million monthly users worldwide, there’s a good chance you’ll meet someone nearby who plays as well!

Incense and lures: These two items will draw Pokemon, typically from the neighborhood spawn pool, to themselves. But you might meet a new person, and specialty lures like magnetic, glacial, rainy, and mossy lures can even produce Pokemon that you wouldn’t normally see!

In general, the most effective strategy for locating new Pokemon is to observe how the spawn changes in response to various events. Check out our Pokemon GO directory or the in-game news for current events, upcoming events, and a lot more information on how to complete the Pokedex and other things.

             Always be updated with us visit GeeksULTD for real-time updates


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