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Despite Fan Speculation, Sadie Sink of Stranger Things Has Revealed She’ll Not Be Joining the X-men as Its Latest Redheaded Member, Know the Truth

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Prakriti Adak
Prakriti Adak
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Following Disney’s historic attainment of 21st Century Fox’s movie and box assets, Marvel Studios domesticated the rights to the X-Men and several linked characters. It’s been a tiny since then, and fans have been keenly waiting to learn what Kevin Feige has planned for the mutants as they formally join the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

With the highly-anticipated X-Men ’97 revival, in conclusion, getting a 2023 release date, digital artist @cap.ironwidow definite to create a new live-action version of Jean Grey including Sadie Sink in the role. Check out Sadie Sink using the X-Men’s Jean Grey below:

In a post on Instagram, the X-Men fan common a very cool piece of concept art that transforms Sadie Sink into (debatably) the franchise’s most powerful distorted. The image channels Jean Grey’s Phoenix façade as the young actress is seen with red-hued eyes in addition to auburn-colored hair, showcasing how incredible she can look if given the chance to portray the character on screen. She faultlessly matches the superhero’s iconic looks from the funnies and, given Sadie Sink’s incredible work in the fourth season of Stranger Things, would bring a masterful performance as the conflicted mutant.

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Although the Sadie Sink image is awesome, Marvel Studios has stood pretty silent about their plans for the X-Men. The only suggestion of their arrival in the MCU stood the mini Easter Egg toward the end of the Ms. Marvel period finale. After Kamala successfully cements her place as a hero following the battle with Agent Deever, the story takes an interesting twist.

While talking with Bruno about his research into her DNA, it’s bare that there may be some kind of “mutation” in her inherited makeup. This is why she is the only person in her household who can access The Noor. As the conversation takes place, the familiar X-Men tune temporarily plays in the background.

For now, Marvel hasn’t bare any other news about the X-Men, Sadie Sink included. So it’s unclear who might be singing the famed characters when they finally make their Marvel Cinematic Universe debut. Yet, the studio does have its sights set on bringing the Stranger Things stellar into the fold.

As Giant Freakin Robot previously reported, Sadie Sink will be joining the MCU in the imminent Phases. While the identity of her character hasn’t been confirmed, she will possibly portray likely Thunderbolts’ Songbird, Screaming Mimi. Over the years there have been more than a few amusing book versions of the Thunderbolts.

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