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Here’s Why Jason Hawk No Longer Appears on ‘Mountain Men’ Shocking Facts!!!

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Sri ragavi newton
Sri ragavi newton
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Since the fifth season of Mountain Men, we have been following Jason Hawk and his family, and their way of life is truly amazing. They share a house in the mountains without running water, central heating, or electricity. But Jason knows how to live like this because he grew up in the Ozark Mountains.

He makes an effort to remain detached and lead the life he wants, but sometimes life gets in the way. One of these things can be completely out of our hands; for him, cancer was the cause. Many fans of the wilderness want to know: He was diagnosed with cancer toward the end of 2020. Does Mountain Men still feature Jason Hawk?

Is Jason Hawk still on ‘Mountain Men’?

Ten seasons in, Mountain Men actually keeps on astounding us with capricious genuine characters who decide to live off the land. Jason Hawk was one of our favorites because of how well he made blades and how much he loved his family. Therefore, we were all heartbroken when we learned of his cancer diagnosis. In addition, he and his wife Mary set up a GoFundMe account to assist with medical expenses.

“Some of you have watched our family battle through testing times in the Ozarks,” they composed.

“We have consistently observed ways of being independent and accommodating our loved ones. The realization that we can’t do this on our own stems from the humbling experience of my husband’s 45-year-old cancer diagnosis. Over the course of the upcoming year, our mounting medical and living expenses will necessitate assistance.

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In the end, just over $36,000 of the $130,000 that was set for GoFundMe was raised.

In the GoFundMe, Jason and his family stated, “Unfortunately, our contract with History Channel was not renewed, so we will no longer be filming with Mountain Men.” This was the only source of income for Jason and his family.

Jason and his family lived simply off the land prior to appearing on the show. They could make money from odd jobs and Jason’s skills as a blade smith, but Jason’s diagnosis makes life difficult.

Why doesn’t Jason Hawk appear on “Mountain Men?”

It is extremely unfortunate that Jason’s contract was terminated, but logistics may have been a factor. “The doctors had recommended six weeks of intensive chemotherapy and radiation five days a week followed by stronger chemotherapy for four to five months,” his family claims. Jason will undergo surgery if the chemotherapy has sufficiently reduced the tumor.

All of that would make it extremely difficult to participate in any television show, much less one that depicts life in the wild. To ensure that he has everything he needs to overcome his cancer diagnosis, Jason and his family will need to completely change their lifestyle.

When someone receives a life-altering diagnosis, it is extremely unfortunate, but when that person typically lives without some of today’s most basic necessities, it can be even more challenging.

Jason last made an appearance on Mountain Men in Season 9. We hope to see him again in the future because fans greatly miss him. His family’s last update in January of 2021 shared that he was working on it after his most memorable seven-day stretch of chemo and that they’ve been zeroing in on the things that genuinely matter: ” on winter evenings, family, friends, creativity, and good food are shared.

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