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Unveiling the Secret: Ryan Tedder’s Wife for 2023 Revealed with All the Inside Details

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Ryan Tedder has been wedded to Genevieve Tedder since 2004.

Genevieve stood born on August 24, 1981.

Genevieve is a well-known paparazzo. Sideways from her profession, she is known to be fairly secluded near her life. She utilizes her Instagram platform to exemplify her creation, but it leftovers a private profile.

Ryan Tedder told The Today Show that his spouse does not enjoy being posted on his social media profiles.

Sideway from her photography, Genevieve also has an interest in internal design. In 2017, she and Ryan flipped a house composed and sold it to Cindy Crawford for $ 11 million.

How Did Ryan and Genevieve Meet?

Ryan then Genevieve Tedder met in college. In an interview with The Today Show, Genevieve supposed that she often worried that her relationship with Ryan wouldn’t last because he was following a music career.

Ryan then Genevieve attended Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Do Ryan and Genevieve Have Kids?

ryan tedder
Ryan tedder

Ryan then Genevieve have two sons; Copeland Cruz Tedder then Miles Tedder.

Copeland is 11 and Miles is 7 years old.

Ryan Tedder said HELLO! Canada Magazine that Copeland was the stimulus behind the 2013 successful song I Lived. He also supposed that having kids has exaggerated his songwriting.

I think that, when you have children, it reflects what you write about,” supposed Ryan. “It doesn’t mean that all song has to be some super-sappy song for my kids, but it types you hope that you are liability the kind of music that…they’re not uncomfortable [by].

Genevieve and Ryan Tedder Flipped the House

Ryan tedder
Ryan tedder

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Bestowing to Heavy, Genevieve Tedder and Ryan Tedder met at university. In an interview with TODAY, Genevieve confessed that she and her husband Ryan didn’t think their relationship mounted a chance because of his desire to be a musician.

“There were plenty of areas where, I think both of us were like, ‘What are we responsibility?’ ‘What’s gonna happen?’ and ‘Is this value it?'” Genevieve explained. “It’s stimulating to be with somebody when the whole thing is sort of just this indefinite and a dream … and then to see it come to close is pretty incredible.”

The couple stuck it out and seem additional in love than ever, according to social media. The singer Whitethorn does not share personal details about their marriage because she’s “not a fan of me placement pictures of her,” as he said on TODAY, but he praises her for keeping him “sane and balanced.”

He inscribed via Instagram that Genevieve is “an incredible mother & artistic guru & creative & talented and many other hot things,” as well by way of once calling her his “favorite person anyplace.”

On an extra note (no pun intended), the couple flipped a house together in 2017 besides selling it to, who is different, Cindy Crawford for $11 million, each Los Angeles Times. The 5,386 square foot was renovated by the pair, so while Genevieve may not be a music pro, the two share benefits!

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