XO, Kitty Season 2: Romance, Drama & Loose Ends. Will Netflix Renew it?

Everything You Need to Know About XO, Kitty Season 2 on Netflix

XO, Kitty, the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before spinoff series, premiered on Netflix on May 18, 2022. A romantic-comedy series that tells the story of To All The Boys’ Kitty Song-Covey, as she navigates her life, love, and school in the KISS exchange program to South Korea. Fans are eagerly anticipating the renewal of XO, Kitty for its second season.

Will There Be an XO, Kitty Season 2 on Netflix?

As of now, Netflix has not announced whether XO, Kitty will return for a second season or not. Netflix has a history of taking a month or two to decide whether to renew or cancel a show. However, fans are hopeful that there will be good news soon regarding the renewal of the show.

XO, Kitty Ending Explained

The last episode of XO, Kitty ended with Kitty trying to confess her feelings for Yuri before leaving for America. Unfortunately, Yuri’s girlfriend arrived, interrupting her. Kitty also discovers that Jina was the first love of her mom, learns that Min Ho loves her, but she does not know how she feels about him. Furthermore, Kitty is expelled from KISS because she was living in the boys’ dormitory. However, Yuri asks her mum to overturn Kitty’s expulsion, which should see her reinstated.

What Can Fans Expect from XO, Kitty Season 2?

If the series is renewed for Season 2, fans could expect:

Kitty’s Love Life

Kitty might return to Korea and rekindle her relationship with Yuri or explore a new relationship with Min Ho.

Dae, Florian, and Q Drama

Fans might find out what happens to Florian and whether he gets to stay at KISS and if Dae wins back first place and gets to keep his scholarship and room.

Jina and Yuri’s New Family

Fans might see more of the development of Jina and Yuri’s new family bond and how happy they are to have each other.

Kitty’s Mom’s Past

Fans might learn more about Simon and his connection to Kitty’s mom’s past.

When Will XO, Kitty Season 2 Be Released?

If XO, Kitty is renewed for Season 2, fans could expect it to release in 2024, given its popularity and the show’s production schedule, considering the ongoing Covid pandemic challenges.

Who Will Be Part Of The XO, Kitty Season 2 Cast?

The cast of the first season mainly includes:

Anna Cathcart as Kitty Song-Covey

Gia Kim as Yuri

Minyeong Choi as Dae

Sang Heon Lee as Min Ho

Anthony Keyvan as Quincy ‘ Q’ Shabazian

Théo Augier as Florian

The original cast should return in the second season.

Will Noah Centineo and Lana Condor Appear in XO, Kitty Season 2?

There is no confirmation on this yet. If they do appear, it will most likely be just as guest roles.

What Else Can We Expect from XO, Kitty Season 2?

As we wait for news of XO, Kitty’s renewal for its second season, we can anticipate lots of drama, fun, and romance. Fingers crossed for a renewal announcement soon.


In conclusion, XO, Kitty Season 2 is yet to be confirmed, but fans of the show can remain hopeful. The second season has a lot of loose ends to tie up, and we can expect even more drama and romance. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and wait for the official announcement.

Five FAQs About XO, Kitty Season 2

1. What is XO, Kitty?

XO, Kitty is a Netflix spin-off series based on the To All the Boys franchise, starring Kitty Song-Covey’s character as she embarks on a new journey at the Korean International School Exchange program.

2. Is XO, Kitty Season 2 confirmed?

No, XO, Kitty Season 2 isn’t confirmed as of yet, but fans remain optimistic because of the show’s popularity.

3. Who will appear in XO, Kitty Season 2?

The original cast of the show should return if Netflix decides to renew the show.

4. What can fans expect from XO, Kitty Season 2?

If quickly renewed, fans can expect a continuation of the love triangle between Kitty, Yuri, and Min Ho, more Qatar-Florian-Dae drama, and another journey into Kitty’s mom’s past.

5. When will XO, Kitty Season 2 release?

If renewed, fans can expect the second season to release in 2024.


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