Sony is Not Revealing the new PlayStation At E3 2016

Sony is planning to launch a new 4K/VR capable console. The name of the console isn’t known yet, but it could be PS4 Neo, PS4.5, PS4K, etc. According to a game industry insider, the new console from Sony will be revealed at the Paris Games Week trade show, not at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2016.

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Although there are a number of rumored release dates, this one is the latest. In a recent podcast, Shinobi said:

I’ve heard that Sony will announce the PS4 Neo at Paris Games Week. This made sense to me because the supposed upgrades are coming in what, October? I would have said this publicly if I was 100% sure, but it’s just what I was told.

The new PlayStation will feature overhauled hardware and it will be capable of delivering performance in 4K resolution. It may also feature Virtual Reality support, as it is rapidly growing in trend.

Below is a rumored comparison of the current PlayStation 4 versus the rumored specs of the new PlayStation (name is unknown):

PlayStation 4

Upcoming PlayStation

CPU: 8-Core CPU @ 1.6 GHz

CPU: 8-Core CPU @ 1.8 GHz

GPU: AMD GPU @ 800MHz (equal to a Radeon 7850).

GPU: Improved GPU, may feature AMD Polaris 10.

Memory: 8GB GDDR5.

Memory: 8GB GDDR5 (higher speed).



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  • J.j. Barrington

    “Sony is planning to launch a new 4K/VR capable console.”

    Oh, Sony said that?

  • PixelOmen

    “it will be capable of delivering performance in 4K resolution”.

    lol no. At best it will be upscaling, it’s not “delivering performance” at anything other than 1080p. And for the record, it’s UHD not 4K.

    • Marty8370

      UHD is 4K. It’s a minimum standard agred by 35 tech companies inc Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, Panasonic.

      • PixelOmen

        4K is a digital cinema standard not a TV standard. Calling UHD (3840×2160) 4K is the equivalent of calling HD (1920×1080) 2K.

        • Marty8370

          Clearly you never read the article I posted. 35 top tech companies agreed the 4K stanard. try reading it you will learn the facts instead of making shit up

          • PixelOmen

            Wow. I have no words for the level of your ignorance.

          • Marty8370

            The point is any product capable of 4K(UHD) will labelled as such, that will include PS4 Neo. Your saying cos it ain’t native 4K, it ain’t 4K. It is in the eyes of the Top tech companies behind the UHD standard, that all that counts. Also the UHD standard goes beyond 4k, it includes 8K and above.

          • PixelOmen

            Wtf are you talking about? All I said was that it’s delivering HD performance, not UHD performance. Who cares what the hardware is called or how it’s labeled? lol.

          • Marty8370

            WTF are you going on about Cinema when i’s about a PS4 console. Also you said the new PS4 wasn’t upto UHD performace. Yet thats the whole point, Sony is doin an upgraded PS4, to push it’s 4K content(Movies/Photo’s), TV’s etc. As for games it will clearly depend on how complex the game is whether it’s 4K or upscaled 4K. Still games will see a huge boost in resolution/detail. Whats not too like.

          • Jeff Rigby

            Both the PS4 and Xb1 launch Game consoles are listed as UHD capable and will be firmware updated in 2016 (by second week of October).

            Further, Tier 3 power levels are listed for 2017 which appears to be the PS4 NEO which according to the above article, might be announced at the Paris Game Show late October after the earlier October PS4 4.0 firmware update. A new XB1 complying with Tier three power levels may ship sometime in 2017.

            From patents found by ekim on NeoGAF it might have a new WiFi radio supporting the latest AC standard which would be necessary to reliably support multiple Video streams in the home.


    • Eddie Battikha
      • PixelOmen

        It’s actually an APU upgrade.

        • Eddie Battikha

          Obviously, but I’ve known the specs through an insider OsirisBlack for quite a while now, I’m just so glad they didn’t stick with the Jaguar cpu and are using Zen lite.

  • Captain Clutch

    Makes sense. Dont want to annouce a updated console too soon.

    • Afrokk