Here’s What Microsoft Did After Fallout 4 Got Accidentally Free on Xbox Store

As we all know, Fallout 4 and its DLCs (Automatron, Wasteland Workshop and Far Harbor) got free on Xbox Store few days ago (Read more here). Well, now Microsoft has responded to the situation.

Microsoft is handing a $10 voucher to those who downloaded Fallout 4 while it was accidentally made available for free. And yes, the content is getting revoked. The people who downloaded the game during the “free” period got their game revoked, but to counter the “inconvenience” of getting the game revoked, Microsoft gave the people $10 vouchers. According to Microsoft, they will deposit $10 into the users’ Microsoft account by the end of this month.

The $10 voucher will expire in one year. So the users have plenty of time to use it. Well, I guess Microsoft handled the situation very well.

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