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Four New Xbox 360 Games Added to Xbox One Backward Compatibility List

Xbox One Backward-Compatibility List

Microsoft frequently add old Xbox 360 games to the Xbox One backward-compatibility list. This time, we got four new Xbox 360 games added to Xbox One backward-compatibility list. Microsoft has done the same thing before.

Now you might be wondering what is backward-compatibility? Well, backward-compatibility is a feature on the Xbox One that allows you to play old Xbox 360 titles on the new console. The new added games aren’t major titles. Three of the new titles are published by Microsoft studios. The four new games are:

  • Bloodforge, a 2012 action-game that is rated for mature users.
  • Go! Go! Break Steady, a rhythm game similar to Guitar Rock released in 2008.
  • GripShift, a 2007 arcade racing game.
  • Mars: War Logs, a 2013 cyperpunk RPG game published by Focus Home Interactive.

With the addition of these games, the Xbox One backward-compatibility list has extended to 200+ games. You can view the full list here.