No Man's Sky gets an early unboxing for $2k, Sean Murray isn't happy

The enthusiasm for No Man’s Sky isn’t running low. Just recently we found some lucky people receiving the Xbox One S in Norway already, but it seems like No Man’s Sky has also been shipped pretty early from this Playstation 4 gamer who bought the leaked game for $2k. The game was due to release on the Playstation 4 on the 9th of August, but hey, seems like someone’s gears started to kick in.


According to the gamer, he seemed to be skeptical if the game was genuine or not since it was sold on Ebay. however, it seems like yes it is genuine since the disc was recognized on his Playstation 4. Taking a closer look at the uploader’s account on Dailymotion, the uploader seemed to upload one more video about the opening of the game. But Unfortunately, it seems like that video has been taken down by Dailymotion.

The creator of No Man’s Sky found out about the leaked copy and he seemed not happy with the situation in his tweets.


No Man’s Sky officially releases on 9th August 2016 on the PlayStation 4 in North America, and on 10th August in Europe. No Man’s Sky will launch on 12th August on the PC worldwide.