The Craze for the Xbox One S is High, sold out at few retailers - GeeksULTD

What date is it today? Oh yeah! Its August 2nd! What does that mean? It’s launch day for the Xbox One S! Well not so fast, it seems like all of them are already gone online.

Xbox One S Launch

According to Xbox’s Marketing Head, the Xbox One S has already been sold out at certain retailers. Moreover, it seems like there’s not much hope these retailers can give when they’re restocked and fed with more customers.

Its nice to see such enthusiasm for the Xbox One S launch but it seems like a bummer for those who also wanted to get their hands on one, well, since the restock timining isn’t confirmed, keep your eyes peeled.

It’ll be interesting to see how many people backed out on the One S and are starving for the main Star of The Show, the Xbox Scorpio. Are you getting the One S? Let us know in the comments below.