Watch Dogs 2 Patch 1.09 Re-Adjusts Overpowered Weapons & Online Invasion - GeeksULTD

Ubsoft has released a new patch earlier that fixes a few problems that were present in the game. Launched first on the PlayStation 4, Ubisoft announced the changes they made in the game. Along with the recent changes, Ubisoft has also made some tweaks to enhance the stability of the game.

The patch will launch on the Xbox One and PC later this week. Here’s the changes:

YourBoySerge Nerf – This .50 Cal sniper rifle has been the subject of some debate in the community, and is considered to be overpowered in online play. In this patch, we’ve reduced the number of rounds in the magazine from 6 to 1, and we will continue to monitor and balance this beasty rifle. 

World Map/Online Invasion Exploit – Fixed an issue where players could help detect the presence of an invader in their session using an exploit the World Map.

Make sure to update the game as soon as you can when the patch comes up for you.