PC: Is AMD catching up? DX12 reviving FX CPU’s?

AM3+ has been with us since a long time now! It’s been long since AMD has updated its lineup. At last after many years AMD has teased the AM4 socket, They are showing off how much they have improved their IPC this time!, they claim up to 40% boost in IPC (Instructions per clock), what do they mean by teasing all this? Have they caught up with Intel, finally?


For AMD and Intel, Yes! it is a game changer as of what we see. Unlike DX11 which was more focused on lower amount of cores DX12 utilizes all of the cores of any 8 Core platform very efficiently

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As of the early results, AMD has been put into the favour in the gaining of performance while Nvidia is silent right now. This arises curiosity is there anything Nvidia is doing or should we just wait for Pascal? AMD themselves have stated!

“There’s no such thing as full support for DX12” (Not even the Fury X)

Thanks to AMD for being honest. But at a view of an angle it doesn’t surprise us to see the performance boost on AMD, since they were working with Microsoft and some Game Developers for quite some time and are also responsible for powering the Xbox One and PS4. This makes a bit sense of AMD preparing for DX12 while not showing it off much. On the Nvidia side, most manufacturers showed off “DX12 support” on their boxes which didn’t make a good impression in the early tests. There is no doubt on how much Nvidia worked on optimizing DX11 for their games and we still have hope for Nvidia to do something to bring back some glory back into their favor.

If Nvidia is sitting with no argument to make because of Pascal, we can fully hope to see Nvidia making their Pascal series to fully support DX12. It’ll be interesting to see how AMD handles their counterpart!

AMD also bets that DX12 will not on be for GPUs but also CPUs which will bring the AMD FX 8 Core CPU’s to a better life by properly utilizing all 8 cores evenly across the board. If you were lucky enough to see Digital Foundry’s Ashes Of Singularity Benchmark video, it shows how much AMD was right about CPUs making a major impact in performance even though the test was of Intel vs Intel on the same R9 390 which showed that the i3 at DX12 beat the i7 on DX11 by a margin. Seems reputable!


02| DX12 reviving AMD FX CPU’s?

By the results we have seen so far it seems AMD’s many core strategy is finally working out by finally utilizing all the cores on the AMD FX CPUs very efficiently thanks to DX12. As of those who don’t believe on the AMD 8 Core rant could have a look at the demonstration below which confirms all the 8 cores finally being utilized in 3DMark’s API tests of DX11 vs DX12.

Meanwhile, up to a business standpoint it really seems like DX12 won’t do major boost to the AMD FX lineup. They also need their business running and need users to upgrade to their AM4 lineup. If there will be a major boost on the current AMD FX lineup let’s see how AMD handles this.

So what are your thoughts? Are you happy with your FX CPU? Or do you have some thoughts? The comments section is down below!

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