Armaggeddon Kalashnikov AK550i Review: An inexpensive keyboard aimed for gamers

Today, I got my hands on a keyboard that may attract many gamers, due to its design and it’s cost which is under RM75 or USD 17~. So the keyboard looks awesome is aiming to get that spot on your desk. Is it worthy? Let’s find out!


Well…. the box speaks for itself.



Next up. what was interesting but not fancy, was Armaggeddon offering 2 years of warranty for the keyboard. I have seen a lot of manufacturers offering 1 year warranty on their keyboards.


There’s nothing much we could talk about over here! Just the Keyboard itself and a CDp_20160104_221618


02| Design


Of course it’s a gaming keyboard. The keyboard looks great in my opinion. I have the blue backlight AK550i, anyways there’s a red variant of it too. The keyboards design looks great and there’s some final touches to the design which I really like, such as the “Scroll”, “Num” and “Caps” lock being visible enough which is great to have!”Kudos” to Armageddon extending the lighting to the sides of the keyboard which which is a nice finishing touch to the design.

The layout of the keyboard is good, but not great.I have a complaint with the layout of the keys on the keyboard I am not a fan of having a large “Enter” button and shifting the “” and the “Backspace” key to the top. I know this is a personal preference, but this may be a deal breaker for some too. One more thing that felt off was the placement of the Volume Keys, but it didn’t long for them to grow on me.

The backlit lighting works well, I can’t really spot any dead areas where the lighting can’t reach. The typography or fonts used on the keys of the keyboard are good. As it wants to look a bit futuristic, the fonts looked a bit weird at first, anyways that grew on me too and I really like them now. Coming to the top, you have all the necessary and shortcut keys which really saves a hassle.


At the bottom, you’ll find two rubber pads, your warranty sticker, a nice addition. and some holes which I believe works as a drainage system for spills. You’ll find there are fairly wide rubber pads beneath, they provide enough grip. I really wish that it had 4 rubber pads on all of the sides since not everyone uses the stands. The stands on the keybaord feel very cheap and are very thin which always forces me to keep in mind how flimsy they are.

03|User Experience/Quality

The keyboard works well with my red and blue setup
The keyboard works well with my red and blue setup

The user experience with the Armageddon is good, but I wasn’t delighted with it. It has some quirks that really disturb me. Just to start off, I really I hate both of the “Shift” and the large “Enter” keys. They are noisy and sound like rattles. The space bar isn’t ideal too. The point here isn’t about asking for anything premium on this keyboard, but is the inconsistency of of sounds when pressing these keys. It’s really sad to see that Armaggeddon didn’t look onto this issue, at least that’s what it seems like on my unit. Well, to be honest, the keyboard isn’t that bad overall except for those keys.

Gaming with the keyboard was pretty good I didn’t notice any lag while playing some FPS games. So far I’ve played COD AW and Battlefield 4 they’re pretty good, so there’s nothing to complain about over here.


Priced at RM75 (USD 17), the Armaggeddon makes a pretty good and compelling option for many. Sure, it has a few quirks but still proves to be an good keyboard for the price. If you’re out these with holes in your pocket and need an upgrade or replacement with some cool looks, this may be an option for you.


We would like to award the Armaggeddon AK550i our Bronze Award!
We would like to award the Armaggeddon AK550i our Bronze Award!

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