Apple Is The World’s Most Valuable Brand, Again

Apple Is The World’s Most Valuable Brand, Again


About Apple:

Apple Is The World's Most Valuable Brand, Again 1

Well, everyone knows about Apple. If you’ve been living under a hole, then maybe you don’t know about them (no offense). Apple is a multinational company which is known all over the world. It also sells consumer electronics, which include the Apple iPhone, iPad, iMac, etc.

The World’s Most Valuable Brand:

Apple Is The World's Most Valuable Brand, Again 2

Apple has again given the title of the world’s most valuable brand. And this time, it’s far ahead of any other company, including Google. According to the Forbes list of 2016, Apple has a brand value of $154.1 Billion, which is way ahead of Google’s $82.5 Billion and Microsoft’s $75 Billion.

It is amazing that Apple is again the world’s most valuable brand, as Apple has posted their first negative quarter in more than a decade and they experienced a drop in their product sales.

Apple also has the most brand revenue in the world, a staggering $233.7 Billion.



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