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Playstation VR Gets Listed for Pre-Order on Amazon, Costs $429

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Usman Abdul Jabbar
Usman Abdul Jabbar
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Well it hasn’t been long since the mysterious leak of a new Playstation was listed on Amazon Spain. But the release date & price leak on Amazon Spain was in fact for the PlayStation VR. The PSVR has been listed for Pre-Order on Amazon and will ship on the 13th October 2016.

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The headset is listed for a price of EUR 392.96 which approximately translates to US $434. This price was expected as Andrew House from Sony did confirm the pricing of the VR Headset. However, just to re-confirm we went back to the Playstation link from Amazon which seemed to be the Playstation “Slim” or the “Neo”, both of these consoles are still rumored. But by visiting the Amazon link  again, the title was renamed to PlayStation VR, but why? This could also be an error. We could expect some changes to the Amazon link that was rumored or even deleted from Amazon.

PSVR on Amazon Spain


    • yea remember its a mid gen grade and how long do you think it will take to make games in 4k for it.a few years after launch?…most likely.then the xbox two will come out.

      id go for a xbox one s it will up scale all you games to 4k.i dont think i have herd that the xbox Scorpio will up scale.i even hear lazy devs talking about making 1080p games for xbox id wait or get a xbox one s and stay on pc.

    • It’s $499 for the headset, cam, and two move controllers… Try buying those separately and get the the same price. My dad already preordered the set back when it was available to do so.

    • he paid more then that with tax and shipping it will come close to $550ish.the cam is $60 and the sticks are like $30 and the head set is $399.with tax its $500 maybe more.

    • Can get the controllers (which are not needed for most games, but do make it more immersive), 3 of them, for 12 bucks total….. get them used. Chances are they were relatively untouched.

    • You can get the cam (the only semi expensive part, which has a cool couple of apps for it already), two glow wands AND a control stick (move has two types of controllers in the system, some use one or two light balls, some incorporate a “control stick” all for 12 bucks total….. these things have been on sale in nearly mint condition at gamestores world wide since move launched on ps3….

      That 500 is still cheaper than others (lets not talk about hardware costs…th le gap only grows further there).


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