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EA Blocks Fan-Made Star Wars Game

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Usman Abdul Jabbar
Usman Abdul Jabbar
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Just last month we showed off a game called “Galaxy In Turmoil” which is a game being developed by a small game developer which is based on the Star Wars theme. Upon request, the developer FrontWire Studios was allowed to showcase their game on Steam until it’s actual release date. FrontWire Studios also admitted that their game will have no legal issues with Disney. However, it looks like EA stepped up to take it down.

As of the first screens that FrontWire Studios has presented to the public in the past, it seems like it’s a pretty promising game from a small studio. The company recently announced some news on their website that highlights their issues with Electronic Arts and LucasFilm that have ordered them to take down their game at once.

For some negotiation LucasFilm and Romanelli from Frontwire Studios had some negotiation and had a good time expressing their thoughts with the game and were open to the idea of the new Star Wars game.

Romanelli Highlights

During our meeting, there was a fair share of both lighthearted and serious moments. LucasFilm informed me that although they would of been open to the idea of negotiating a license for Frontwire to work on the Star Wars IP, that they are not able to due to their contract with Electronic Arts (EA). I was told that Lucasfilm had already spoken with EA about Galaxy in Turmoil and that EA expressed no desire in letting our project continue. Their main concern was due to the possibility of Galaxy in Turmoil taking away attention from their Battlefront franchise. I tried to pitch the idea about putting Galaxy in Turmoil behind EA’s paywall but was told that EA had previously rejected that proposition as well. Due to their exclusive contract with EA, Lucasfilm was contractually obligated to deny our request for the use of the Star Wars IP for Galaxy in Turmoil based on EA’s decision. We tried to reach out to EA directly for more information, but we have so far gotten no response.

Additionally Romanelli even teases that the upcoming game may not be based on a Battlefront environment but he might change basis of the game to stay out of Star Wars IP which EA has. He additionally added,

Most likely, you are asking yourself “what does this mean for Galaxy in Turmoil?“ Our highly publicized project as you have come to know it will no longer be a Star Wars game inspired by Battlefront. However, there is a new hope (Sorry, I had to slip that in!). Upon speaking with Lucasfilm, they informed us that they have no issue with a Battlefront inspired game that is not using the Star Wars IP itself. Regardless of what some have said, all of our code, sounds and many other non-Star Wars assets have been created in-house, which means they are indeed owned by us.

Going forward, Frontwire Studios will be pivoting away from Star Wars and embarking on a mission to create a new, original game in a never before seen universe. Our game will still have massive 64-player battles, ground-to-space combat, destructible capital ships, and a full single-player campaign. We will also still be releasing Galaxy in Turmoil on Steam as planned and it will remain a free game. No, we will not be adding any micro transactions or pay-to-win content. When Frontwire Studios makes a promise, we keep it. With that being said, we will still create the game you have all wanted and deserved, even if it turns out to not be Star Wars-related.

As Romanelli said, he understands the point of view that LucasFilms and EA are expressing and added that he may have done the same if he were in their place. However, since he has given hope to the 30,000 fans again, let’s see how this fares. Nonetheless, it’s an exciting future for FrontWire Studios to still hold up and continue their production.



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