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PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One S Performance has been analyzed

The new Xbox One S has just been released. Microsoft touted some noteworthy improvements with the Xbox One S. Some of these improvements were the ability to run 4k content and HDR. Other than that we saw a small/minor improvement in the performance between the original Xbox One and the One S. Digital Foundry confirmed that the new Xbox One S has been slightly overclocked which allowed a small boost from 1.3TFLOPs on the original Xbox One, to the 1.4TFLOPs on the Xbox One S.

Yes until a point it in understood about why Microsoft opted for a new console. With AMD offering inexpensive and good performing solutions for the gaming market with their new Polaris Architechture, it made sense to make a much more attractive console. Thanks to the low powered AMD Chip running in the new Xbox One S, Microsoft finally pushed the power brick inside the console itself and cut down the bulk.

The question remains is, is Sony’s PS4 more worth it? Well, recently we found an excellent performance analysis by a Youtuber “NX Gamer” who compared the consoles.

It was pretty evident by Digital Foundy’s Analysis that the Xbox One S simply stabilized the frame rate on the Xbox One S. And up to an extent, we could also understand that the PlayStation 4 runs most games at a higher resolution compared to the Xbox One or even the One S.

However, the normal conclusion here is to opt for what you need. If you already own a console like the Xbox One or PlayStaion 4 and have a 4k TV or even an TV that supports HDR, go for the One S. As of the performance improvements, yet it’s worth it if you really want it. Though, it’s just a good entry for those who want to enter console gaming.


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