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LG Finally Launches The LG G6, Here’s Everything You Need To Know

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LG has been teasing the G6 since last week and indeed they have built up the hype for the next flagship. After a hard twist with the G5, its finally time for LG to release and show off it’s successor, the G6.

On Facebook, LG Mobile has released quite a few teasers about the new LG G6. According to the teasers, it’s most probably going to bring the dual cameras again onto the G6 and will have the same or similar ergonomics as the G5 according to the teasers.

As LG has done in their previous smartphones, one camera will be reserved for normal pictures, meanwhile the second camera will have a much larger FOV.

Some more teasers revealed that they’re getting some UI adjustments.

Behold The LG G6

Finally LG has lifted its curtains revealing their new flagship, the LG G6 to the world. Sporting a 5.7-inch large display with a ratio of 18:9 packed into a small body of a 5.2-inch smartphone body. LG seems to have done quite a few changes here. They worked a lot on increasing the body-size ratio which allows you to add more screen in a smaller body

LG Finally Launches The LG G6, Here's Everything You Need To Know 4

LG promised that many of these key features will be implemented into future smartphones as well. The outer shell of the phone is finally built of real metal, gbut it’s covered with Gorilla Glass 3, 4 and 5 around the device that allows the device to hold up quite well against drops.

There’s no home button again. Although many users still like a home button, many users have also got used to having on-screen navigation buttons. LG also says that it’s not only about the looks, but also about the durability of their devices.

According to LG, they are still calling the Snapdragon 821 an ideal choice for their smartphone since the hardware specs is over basically. Of course, some of you may know what’s the actual story behind LG utilizing the Snapdragon 821 even though Samsung is going to go for the Snapdragon 835 which forced LG to not waste any further time.

Additonally, the LG G6 gets Wireless Charging, Fast Charging, a better screen-body ratio, a fingerprint sensor and even a headphone jack for those worrying about Apple’s democracy.

As of now, there’s no word on the pricing which is quite a mystery for now. Until then, have a look at this hands-on from The Verge





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