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AMD Announces Their Collaboration With The Developers Of The Ashes Of The Singularity, A Whole 30% Improvement

By know, we’ve learnt how AMD’s Ryzen 7 SKUs stack up against Intel’s CPUs. In terms of gaming, they’re definitely lacking behind Intel’s Kaby Lake platform. When Ryzen reviews first came to the scene it was believed that AMD’s Ryzen CPUs are bad for gaming, actually for 1080p if we have a closer look.

AM4 Has Started To Mature

Just this morning we covered how manufacturers like Asrock are working hard to stabilize AMD’s Ryzen 7 motherboards. Finally many users have been able to crank their RAM modules to over 3000Mhz and are also seeing good gains in terms of overclocking headroom.

The Real Performance Increase

Recently, AMD announced their collaboration with Oxide and Stardock, the minds behind the popular benchmark “Ashes Of The Singularity”. In their video, the developers mentioned how Ashes of the Singularity scales with more cores. AMD says that they are working with Stardock and Oxide Games to optimize AMD’s processors at 1080p.

They’re claiming that after they got their hands on AMD’s Ryzen 7 processors they started working on optimizing Ashes Of The Singularity. And since they’ve started working on optimizing AMD Ryzen 7 CPUs, they’ve managed to get a performance boost of over 30% which is really impressive in their CPU intensive tests paired with an RX 480. Impressive stuff!

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