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Alleged Leaks Could Be From The HTC U11, And They’re Impressive

The next flagship release from HTC is near, and this could possibly be a special device that would bring back HTC into the flagship game.

With HTC mentioning squeeze in their teasers, it seems like the HTC U11 definitely has a gimmick up it’s sleeve.  The HTC U11 is poised to come with a touch sensitive edge that would serve many purposes. So far, while nothing has been confirmed we’ve been told that some workers at HTC have seen some prototypes of the device and would most probably come with a touch sensitive edge.

Recently, a leak on GeekBench reveals some information that could most probably be from the HTC U11. Touting specifications as high-end as many flagships nowadays are, it could certainly be the U11. Alleged specifications include a Snapdragon 835, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of Internal Storage, a 2K display along with the absence of a dual-camera setup. However, this is something worth noting, the specifications mentioned above suggest that the HTC U11 would come with a 15MP selfie camera and an 11MP rear camera. The front camera is capable of recording at 1080p. Meanwhile, the main camera is capable of recording videos upto 4K.

Alleged Leaks Could Be From The HTC U11, And They're Impressive 4

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