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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Explodes While Charging

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco was a huge loss for Samsung. However, today, in the Philippines, a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge reportedly exploded while charging.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Explodes While Charging

The event occurred on May 8, 2017. The owner of the phone started charging her Galaxy S7 Edge while she was eating breakfast. After some time, she started smelling something burning, and when she checked, her phone was on fire.

“My friend noticed a burning smell inside their house. When she went to investigate, she was surprised to see that her Galaxy S7 edge was the cause of it. The device caught fire. She left it charging with an OEM charger while having breakfast. Thankfully, they saw it in time and managed to put it out before it got any worse.”
– Writes Bryan from TechnoBaboy.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Explodes While Charging

Another thing to note here is that the owner was using the default Samsung charger, not a third-party one. Taking a look at the pictures, it looks like the damage was pretty intense. According to the source, the phone damaged the nightstand it was on and damaged the bed sheets too.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Explodes While Charging

The victim has informed Samsung Philippines about the incident and Samsung has taken the phone. The phone is under investigation to see what caused it to catch fire. This probably won’t turn into another fiasco like the Note 7 but still, incidents like this do happen. Just be sure whenever you’re charging your phone, make sure you put it in a safe place, just in case.

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