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3 Things ‘A Way Out’ Proves That It’s Here To Hit A Homerun

EA has really been taking fan feedback into account. From their Need For Speed franchise to Star Wars Battlefront 2. This year, EA finally revealed the curtains over their latest IP, called “A Way Out”. The game takes two inmates into account showcasing their co-ordination to bust out of prison. The game is also a split-screen only game, meaning that you need another player to be with you to get through the game’s missions. Led by by Hazelight, a Swedish studio that made it back to the scene, the Swedish-based studio could really make a name for itself.

01| Split-Screen Gaming

3 Things 'A Way Out' Proves That It's Here To Hit A Homerun 6

‘A Way Out’ features split-screen only gameplay. There aren’t many games that have been featuring split-screen gameplay. ‘A Way Out’, that’s a game based on two inmates, and requires two players could really bring some intriguing gameplay to the scene. From various puzzles to simple co-ordination, the gameplay brings something new that isn’t always repetitive forcing gamers to work along with each another.

02| Keeping Gamers Intrigued

‘A Way Out’ does an amazing job at keeping gamers attention. From head-scratching puzzles, to the layout of how gamers would interact with different situations, ‘A Way Out’ so far looks like an excellent game.

Some gamers prefer to skip cutsences. With ‘A Way Out’, gamers would be able to work individually even during cutscenes. Taking an example into account, if one of the character is a part of a cutscene, the other character could continue doing his task allowing gamers to become deeply integrated with the game’s storyline while continuing their missions or tasks.

03|Promising A Co-Op Game That Kicks Ass

3 Things 'A Way Out' Proves That It's Here To Hit A Homerun 7

It’s really a huge burden to carry once you promise something. At EA’s showfloor, Writer and Director of ‘A Way Out’, Josef Fares, said that

“You won’t get tired of this game” Let me tell you this, after you finished playing ‘A Way Out’, I will tell you, you will play a co-op game like never before! I know! I mean, I could guarantee that. I know I sound very cocky, but I can’t help it. Its true! – Josef Fares, Writer & Director of ‘A Way Out’

He then added:

“I’m telling you, it gonna like, kick ass”

As far as the presentation that Josef Fares made at EA’s showfloor, it really seems like a very compelling game. The promises they’ve made along with the storyline of the game. The game really looks promising and is backed by a confident team. After all, they were the ones backing “Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons” another game also developed by them that was an excellently rated game as well.

The game is set to release on early 2018. We’re really excited to see the final release of the game. Exciting times to come!

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