Xiaomi seems to be working on a new lineup of smartphones according to a recent listing on their website. While Xiaomi has pushed the mention of this model into a tight corner, Xiaomi could definitely be working on a new smartphone called the Mi A1.

On Xiaomi’s official website, under Xiaomi’s RF Exposure certifications, the Xiaomi Mi A1 could be found along with a list of Xiaomi’s released phones containing safety information about their devices. The mysterious device seems to carry MDG2 as its model number. This could definitely be a high-end smartphone as Xiaomi categorizes this model with its Mi lineup of smartphones that caters the upper-end of Xiaomi’s user base while their Redmi lineup often caters the lower-end of its user-base.

Nothing else could be found about the phone with the amount of information that was available on the page.

What could really be on Xiaomi’s master plan is yet to be seen. Let’s just hope if it really is something Xiaomi is working on, it would be something unique if its a smartphone. Currently Xiaomi has a good and decent lineup of smartphone categories. Counting what Xiaomi has isn’t hard.

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