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Gaming Monitors Have Seen A 350% Sales Increase Over The Past Two Years

Gaming Monitors have been flooding the market since 2013. With manufacturers like Asus, Samsung, Dell and Acer releasing better and better monitors over time, the market for gaming monitors has exploded. In 2017, gaming monitors with OLED technology, thin bezels, fast response times have been feeding the enthusiasm of the PC Gaming community. Let’s not leave Viewsonic’s 240Hz monitor out of the discussion here.

There’s a ton of factors that we could credit to the sales of these gaming monitors aside from adding “Gaming” to their model names. We could credit the competition between Nvidia, Intel and AMD intensifying the mid-range market with amazing graphics cards allowing framerates to soar over 100FPS. As PC players started to pickup on the advantages of high refresh-rate displays in competitive FPS titles, it became a viable option to finally experience what they’re GPUs are actually outputting.

Gaming Monitors Shipped throughout 2015-2017 | IHS Markit
Gaming Monitors Shipped throughout 2015-2017 | IHS Markit

According to a research by IHS Markit, the company has published some excellent news regarding how the gaming market is exploding. According to IHS, Asus has the most shipments taking 17.4% of total shipments in the first half of 2017, followed by Acer at 12.4% and HKC taking third place 9.9% of the shipments.

The graph itself shows a lot of what has happened in the past three years. With a number of titles trying to enter the competitive area, attractive monitors are definitely an amazing option for those willing to go competitive.

If we have a look at the graph above, over 1.1M monitors were shipped in the first half of 2017 and with every quarter passing by, the numbers are simply growing. Can’t wait to see how much more competitive the PC market gets over the next year when new GPUs and CPUs flood the market from AMD, Intel and Nvidia and how much more competition floods the lower-end of the PC Gaming market. In the PC gaming market, gaming on a budget has never been better before. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for what’s about to come ahead in the future and 2018.

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