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Firefox Is About To Get Twice As Fast And Use 30% Less RAM compared to Chrome

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Firefox has commonly been the ‘second-choice’ to many internet surfers. With Google’s Chrome being well-received an adored by a huge host of users, it seems like Mozilla wants to take the lead with their upcoming browser called Firefox Quantum, Mozilla’s new retake on their Firefox browser that’s planned to release on the 14th of November.

The company not only promises to give their browser an overhaul in the performance department, but also promises to be a more productive browser. Firefox Quantum comes with in-browser screenshot support along with support to save what you’re reading directly into ‘Pocket’ creating a personal reading library of your own

With the beta out in the wild, we decided to take it for a test drive, and we weren’t disappointed. As soon as we got into the Firefox Beta, we immediately noticed a brand new polished Firefox right off the bat that not only pleased us but gave us a feel for what Mozilla has in store ahead.

Some additional features coming in the new Firefox browser include a host of excellent bookmarks based off what you’ve been browsing lately. Additionally, users would also find news feeds on the new tab page that allows you to get in touch with the latest trends in the market.

These are indeed some excellent additions to the browser, and considering what Mozilla has done in the past with Firefox, I can’t wait for the final version to be available on their website. Let’s see what it takes Mozilla to pull users like me from Chrome.

Read more about the new Firefox here.



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