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Huawei’s P20 / P11 Concepts Look Like An iPhone X and 5S Hybrid

Chinese brands have been striving. Huawei is without a doubt one of China’s top brands. With fans now anticipating the release of Huawei’s P11 or P20, the concepts that have been rolling in are really shaking things up.

Last month, we reported a leak from Evan Blass alleging that the next P-series smartphone from Huawei would integrate a triple 40MP camera setup on the rear capable of 5x Hybrid zoom. On top of that, additional leaks and concepts have been rolling in about the phone’s design itself that alleges quite an interesting design of the unreleased smartphone. Concepts have made their way on the internet that show off what the next Huawei P-series smartphone would look like. With the P-series lineup being Huawei’s top-of-the-line killer lineup, the next P-series smartphone would be far from a slouch. As of what concepts have been suggesting, we’re looking at an iPhone 5S-like design around the edges of the phone along with an iPhone X-like notch up front.

Huawei’s next P-series smartphone, whether if its the P11 or the P20 should bring in what fans have been thriving for. From a bezel-less display, to an excellent camera setup. Something that would set Huawei apart. So far, based off of what we could find of the device, it seems like Huawei could actually be pushing boundaries forward in the camera department, and its usually they’re P-series lineup where Huawei integrated the best of the best of what they could offer or what they’ve worked on. If these rumors and concepts come out to be true, Huawei could have a killer smartphone on their hands if the concepts are true and if Huawei manages to take their camera game to the next level.

Couldn’t wait to see what Huawei has in store for 2018.

Huawei P11 Rumor Render Concept
Credits @cconceptcreator

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