Samsung’s Galaxy S9 Plus Dethrones Google’s Pixel 2 On DXOMark, Takes 1st Place

DXOMark is slowly becoming a rating for cameras on smartphones. Every now and then, brands now tout about how well their devices scored on DXOMark. With Samsung’s latest entry, the S9 Plus, making its way into DXOMarks labs, Samsung has taken first place in the camera department to start off 2018.

The recently debuted smartphone from Samsung has brought a ton to the camera field, one that we didn’t expect. While smartphones on cameras seemed to have reached the ceiling, Samsung’s new innovative ideas seem to be pushing the boundaries even further. With the S9 Plus, this mindset it evident with the reveal and confirmation of a dual aperture setup and some excellent AI and slo-mo recordings. The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus exclusively comes with a dual camera setup along with a dual aperture mode to really dial in some crispy shots. Backed by Samsung’s new AI technology, Samsung seems to be improving on the camera side of things and should give users and excellent imaging experience for years to come, that’s for sure.

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While the S9 Plus may not be miles ahead of Google’s impressive Pixel 2, a tad point on Samsung’s side does seem to give Samsung the bragging point all along. But hey, DXOMark is becoming a marketing point nowadays with smartphone manufactures, and with the next big flagship we should be looking at companies trying to dethrone each another by a few points keeping their rivalry alive. To be honest, I can’t wait to see how the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus perform in real life once reviews start rolling out. Especially that 960FPS teaser that Samsung showcased at their unpacked event.

What should be noted is that everyone’s experience may differ, so don’t take the scores from DXOMark too serious. Get a hands on the device you’re willing to pickup and choose accordingly.

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