Sony Releases Their DualShock 4 In Midnight Blue & Steel Black

Sony isn’t as explosive as Microsoft when it comes to showcasing your console. To date, Sony has released a decent number of special controllers over the years.

Recently, Sony has added two new colors to their existing limited edition controller collection. These two new additions are called Midnight Blue & Steel Black. Both of these colors bring in a ton of stealth for those who really want to pickup a new controller with a unique design. As usual, these controllers would be available for a limited time along with and would be available at selective stores and outlets due to their scarcity throughout the UK.

As there name suggests, both of these colors emphasize what their names are. While both of these are indeed excellent color options to pickup, I think that previous color schemes looked much more appealing. Even so, if this is your jam, they’re nice pickups to be honest.

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Usman Abdul Jabbar

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