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Ghost of Tsushima Opening Weekend Sales Cross Over 200k In Japan

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Ibtehaj Temuri
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Ghost of Tsushima has gone on a roll ever since its release, it has become the talk of the month. Unbeatable in Japan, reported retail sales for the game crossed the 200,000 copy barrier almost doubling over the title second in line. Paper Mario holds up a good fight yet it is undoubtedly a massive gap between the two.

The open-world title also made its way in for the official support as a tourist attraction to the actual Tsushima city. Taking complete advantage of the fame earned by Sucker Punch proves that it can attract enthusiasts to the real deal. Going to the actual place and witnessing how things went down during the Mongol invasions and so much more definitely acts as a solid point to Sucker Punch’s arsenal.

Not only does Japanese culture gets promoted on an international level but the subtle innovations brought about by Sucker Punch in the game have truly been acknowledged by fans and enthusiasts. For a studio with no sort of background in bringing realistic historically accurate games to the masses, the sales just speak for themselves.

Having no sort of technological influence in their gameplay style and approach makes all the difference henceforth the unstoppable sales figures especially in Japan. Initial comparisons of the game with Last of Us Part 2 seemed to be appropriate however it is clear now how much of a contrast they have between them.


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