AMD has been performing admirably well. Especially since the launch of AMD’s Ryzen processors last year. Fast-forward a year and a half later, and here we have AMD planning to release successors to those processors.

AMD’s Lisa Su official revealed boxes of what seemed to be boxes of AMD’s Ryzen 5 and 7 processors this morning. Since there has been a few rumors and leaks that have made their way onto the internet, AMD’s hype for their next-gen CPUs have been re-ignited. These leaked CPUs and motherboards are here to support AMD’s 2nd-gen Ryzen CPUs that would carry the 2XXX series of models. Additionally, based off of the image and how AMD released the Ryzen 7 and 5 last year, it seems like Ryzen 7 2XXX and Ryzen 5 2XXX CPUs should be releasing pretty soon. While, the lower-end Ryzen 3 SKUs carrying the 2XXX series should release later this year.

Motherboards that support these new chips have been leaking as well lately. As we recently reported, Gigabyte’s X470 series of motherboards have been leaking lately. Not only does this signal a new breed of excitement, but it should also put AMD is an excellent spot for 2019 if they nail these new Ryzen 2nd-Gen CPUs, especially with the improvements Intel’s latest 6-core/12-thread Core i7-8700k brought to the table.

Even though there’s a number of leaked reviews, most of these reviews were done on last-gen X370/B350 motherboard leading to an un-optimized pathway for these CPUs. Let’s hope to see some decent improvements with this release.

Source | Lisa Su Twitter

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