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Fortnite Devs To Re-Introduce 50v50 LTM With A Twist

Fortnite is all the rage now. Amassing over 125 million players, the developers have taken it on themselves to listen to the community carefully.

Today, the company announced that they would be re-introducing their 50v50 LTM mode to the game in an upcoming update after its Final Fight mode was met with poor reception. It clear the the devs are clearly aware of the loss of interest in the mode. Therefore, its in their best interest to keep their players happy.

The 50v50 mode was introduced back in December 2018 and has since then met with excellent reception. Over the months, the team over at Epic Games kept testing with different modes. However, the 50v50 mode reigned as the best mode players wanted to play in apart from the usual Solo, Duo and Squad modes.

With the devs re-igniting the enthusiasm of the mode, they’ve announced that this time they’re making some changes to the mode as well that adapt with the introduction of the new Dual Pistol and the amount of bounce pads. The mode is said to be re-enabled by 10AM EDT.

  • Double normal Dual Pistol spawn rate.
  • Double bounce pads spawns.
  • +50% resource rates.
  • 50v50 v2 storms.

Usman Abdul Jabbar

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