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Here’s Where The Rocket Would Land In Fortnite

Fortnite’s all the rage right now. Epic Games, the developer of the title have been very active at keeping the game really interesting. The developers have also been keeping their easter egg hunters at work very well.

Based on the images and loading screens that are appearing in Fortnite, it seems like the game has quite some alien-like themes going on. One of the characters from the game is seen near a rocket ship that hints some progress on the story of the title, at least on the Battle Royale mode front.

Regarding the rumors about the rocket ship, it seems like main rockets from the ship are supposed to land at Anarchy Acres. A player managed to find the rocket at Anarchy Acres when he decided to review his reply within the game’s options. He noted that he was only able to see the rocket before the Battle Bus departs from spawn island. Through a quick pull, within a few minutes, Epic Games pulled the update back and removed the rocket from the site.

Usman Abdul Jabbar

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