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Fortnite Developers Have Just Added New Tweaks To The Glider’s Speed

As Season 6 comes to an end, it seems like Epic Games hasn’t been completely satisfied with their recent glider redeploy adjustments.

Throughout the season, Epic has been tinkering with the glider for quite a while now. After introducing and retracting the whole glider redeploy dilemma, Epic decided to keep the glider redeploy ability for specific game modes. Since the option has been retracted from normal solo, duo, and squads, Epic has just announced that they would be re-tweaking the whole ordeal once again for the supported modes.

According to the announcement post from the developers of Fortnite, Epic has increased the gliding acceleration as much as 200% as well as increase the max gliding speed by 25%. Concrete stats regarding the original glider acceleration weren’t able to be found, but hey, at least gliding in Fortnite would be a whole lot easier now.

Throughout the past two months, this is the second time Epic has made some major changes towards how fast games are played throughout Fortnite. Last month, Epic increased the speed of the battle bus by 25% and has since then been a joy so far for many players.

Now that Epic has increased the speed of the glider, there’s a very good chance that Epic is partially motivated to push players to be a bit more aggressive with their playstyles, eventually, making Fortnite a whole lot more competitive than it is right now.

Usman Abdul Jabbar

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