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Even More Renders Of The Next iPhone Are Appearing, They Still Have Notches

Apple definitely knows how to sway the smartphone market. Often times setting examples, the company is very well known for having some of the best smartphones in the market.

Android OEMs flocked the market with their smartphones packing notches. However, that hasn’t stopped innovation moving forward. Since both Oppo and Vivo have set examples of what they’re capable of by launching completely bezel-less devices, it time for the rest of the Android market to follow suit, at least that’s what everyone hopes to happen.

Renders of the next iPhone have started emerging. Now, the iPhone X was far from an innovation. However, the introduction of the notch allowed Apple to challenge their engineers into making some of the most sophisticated face authentication security methods available to date. With the next iPhone, it seems like the notch isn’t going anywhere. In fact, its here to stay. Renders of the next iPhone are flocking the internet. Not only are these renders representing what could be the final product, but they’re detailing what Apple may have in store with the launch of these iPhones.

Even More Renders Of The Next iPhone Are Appearing, They Still Have Notches 6

Reports along these renders suggest that Apple could be releasing three variants of the iPhone later this year. All three of these devices would pack distinctively different displays, a 5.8-inch, a 6.1-inch and a 6.5-inch iPhone is expected to be revealed at Apple’s unveiling of the next iPhone. It is said the the 6.1-inch variant of the three be the cheapest of the three and would pack a single camera lens along with with an LCD display. The other two, that is, the 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch variant, would pack a dual camera lens system as well as the more premium OLED displays. As expected, these displays would most probably be sourced from Samsung yet again after the displays sourced from Samsung exceeded the expectations of fans in the iPhone X.

It is also said that the cheaper variant, that is, the 6.1-inch variant would lack wireless charging as well. If true, this means that Apple could actually be intending launch a cheaper variant of its big boys.

Even More Renders Of The Next iPhone Are Appearing, They Still Have Notches 7

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