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Fortnite’s Excellent Business Model Is Raking In US $2 Million A Day On Mobile

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Usman Abdul Jabbar
Usman Abdul Jabbar
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Fortnite would definitely be a phenomenon everyone would remember years after it hits the fad cycle. The developers are doing an amazing job at keeping their audience entertained. The excellent support, cross-play support and price of the game has all contributed to the longevity of the cartoonish Battle Royale trooper. Without a doubt, Epic Games has managed to develop a business model that allows their audience to last, as well as keep enthusiasts of the game at the edge of their couches.

With fans embracing the end of Season 4 earlier this month, fans witness some massive changes to the map with the launch of Season 5. According to Sensor Tower, a trusty market research firm, the game has been generating over US $2 Million a day through in-game transactions on mobile only. Last month, the developers at Epic Games announced that their player base has reached 125 Million and has since then been growing. Contrary to what we reported earlier this month, it seems like players are feeling much more confident in purchasing the game’s characters and emotes. The in-game currency, V-Bucks, along with the game’s weekly challenges has led to the success of the game even further.

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Based on Sensor Tower’s research, pre-Season 5 revenue was hovering around the US $1.2 Million mark on mobile. Now that the devs are enjoying a massive boost in revenue, it seems like the game, along with its player base are here to stay as long as the developers was them to be. These are impressive numbers indeed and are definitely given people an added boost of confidence given that the game is free.


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