Google’s Android Emulator Now Supports AMD’s Ryzen Platform

AMD has made a huge comeback ever since they unveiled Ryzen last year. Now that AMD has released their 2nd-generation of Ryzen CPUs, Google has opened AMD’s new platform with open arms.

Google confirmed the news earlier this morning in a blog post that their Android Emulator now supports AMD’s range of Ryzen CPUs, that is the first-generation lineup and the recently announced second-generation of Ryzen CPUs as well. In addition to supporting the new platform, Google has also announced that Hyper-V would also be supported from now on. Google had a few words regarding their stance on the project, they said:

Up until now, our emulator experience has almost universally worked on macOS® and Linux computers. But for users of Microsoft® Windows® or the Microsoft® Hyper-V™ platform, our hardware accelerated speed enhancements for the Android Emulator only worked with computers with Intel® processors. Support for AMD® processors and Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisor are two long-standing user requests from the Android developer community that we are happy to address with this Android Emulator update.

Users interesting in Google’s Emulator are free to download the latest emulator release from Google’s SDK site.


Usman Abdul Jabbar

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