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Two Of Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Variants To Pack Under-Display Fingerprint Sensors, Rumors Suggest

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Samsung’s definitely making some huge shifts towards the end of 2018. The company’s slated to bring some massive changes to its smartphone lineup. Apart from the Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s launch next month. Rumors of Samsung’s 10th anniversary flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S10 have been emerging for a while now.

We’ve been reporting about the Samsung Galaxy S10 for a few weeks now and it seems like the rate of leaks is going to escalate as we hit 2019. Now, as we reported last week, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is said to come in three variants. That is, the beyond 0, beyond 1 and beyond 2. Apparently, “Beyond” is said to be the codename for the S10.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Concept – CC BY

Recently, reports have been suggesting that the Samsung Galaxy S10 could actually pack under-display fingerprint sensors. This means that the fingerprint sensor would be embedded into the display rather than being a separate sensor being squished into a random corner or area of the phone. According to Ice Universe, a well-reputed specialist leaking unreleased devices, the beyond 1 and 2 are said to exclusively pack these exquisite under-display fingerprint sensors. Meanwhile, the beyond 0, which seems to be the entry-level flagship variant of the S10 is said to pack a fingerprint sensor at its side, most probably into the power button.

Since Samsung’s new FaceID-like biometrics have been approved by the US Patents Office, it’s likely that Samsung could be slimming down those chins and foreheads even further to the point where Samsung might even remove them entirely. Although, at this point, it could be unlikely that Samsung would want to make that move now due to the fact that Oppo’s Find X is basically the S10 without bezels already. Similar to HTC’s U12 Plus, I would personally suppose that Samsung would want to keep their characteristics and personality to last even longer.

All of these leaks and rumors go to show that Samsung is really upto Samsung here. FaceID-like biometrics, triple rear camera setups and full-screen displays seem to be dictating the future of this dreamy-like device.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Concept – CC BY


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