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Yet Another SMG, The P90, Is Making Its Way To Fortnite, Leaks Suggest

Oh boy. Has it been a while since we’ve seen modern guns making their way into games. The P90 SMG, a gun that has basically taken every single game by storm is making its way to Fortnite. The P90 SMG would be the third SMG making its way to the game following its updates leaks suggest.

According to our trusty dataminer, FNBR Leaks, Graphics and text of the P90 has appeared in Fortnite’s game files suggesting that the gun is about to be added soon. Considering that the team over at Fortnite is willing to put a huge emphasis on gunfights rather than building, it seems like this new SMG should be an excellent choice as well for those eager to find an SMG as soon as possible.

Personally, I am not a fan of the Suppressed Submachine gun. However, if this replaces that, it would be amazing to see yet another gun that’s a worthwhile, especially with the Tactical SMG exiting the game.

Since Assault Rifles are definitely pretty well-balanced at this point, I’m keen to see what balances Epic Games is about to put into place with the launch of this SMG. Here’s a sound test for how the P90 sounds like, courtesy of FNBR Leaks.

Usman Abdul Jabbar

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