Fortnite Devs Intends To Pair Players Based On Their Peripherals

The devs over at Epic Games have to be applauded for their work. Given how active they are within the Fortnite community, it’s hard to overlook their attention to the community.

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Since Fortnite is an open game that runs on basically every single platform you could think of, there’s a lot of people who are willing to take the upper hand on their opponents in various ways.

After a player urged to remove keyboard and mouse support from Fortnite for PlayStation 4 gamers, the Reddit community started to have a debate on the topic.

Since FPS games generally favor mice and keyboards, it seems like players aren’t having a good time competing against these players. Given how unfair this feels for many players stuck with a controller, it seems like Epic Games could be making some changes down the line regarding the matter in the next few updates.

We’re actually working on some matchmaking tech, on the way, that’ll pair you against folks based on your choice of peripherals. More info on this coming next week, but tl;dr if you’re on KB+M you’ll be against KB+M.

Since this could be exploited on Android devices fairly easily, I’m keen to see how Epic Games plans to roll out these changes given how simplistic the game tries to be. I’m curious whether the game would auto-detect your controller/mouse or by giving users the option to actually choose who they want to compete with.

Since they’ve promised to follow up on their matter next week, all we could do is wait for them to get back to the community for now. Let’s see how they implement these changes in the upcoming weeks.

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