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Fortnite’s New Vending Machines Could Be Abused – New Tweaks Are Overpowered

Epic Games patched Fortnite with its first major update since the launch of Season 8 less than 24 hours ago. The patch added some major changes coming to Fortnite as well as address some major changes coming to Fortnite’s vending machines.

With the launch of Fortnite’s update 8.10, Epic Games changed how Vending Machines in the game work. Previously, players were required to use their materials in order to get what they want from the Vending Machines. With the update now in effect, Epic Games has made Vending Machines absolutely free, meaning that you can now keep your materials. However, just so that the feature may not be abused, Epic Games announced that the Vending Machines would disappear once a player has claimed his/her items from the Vending Machines.

At first, we thought that the Vending Machine would offer a single item to a single player before vanishing. Turns out, if multiple players use the Vending Machine at once, the Vending Machine spits out items for everyone who uses it before it disappears. While users have posted videos of squads using it at once, there’s no telling how far this could be abused.

And while players are happy at the moment, we could definitely see Epic patch up the Vending machines for good moving forward. When Epic would apply the ban hammer is yet to be seen. However, it would most probably drop in the next patch or two.


Usman Abdul Jabbar

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